Konk Studio 2


Our SSL mix room was opened in the early 80s and it houses an SSL 6048 E desk in possibly the best sounding mix room of any London recording studio.


There is an overdub room which is big enough to track a band in, full drum kits and other acoustic instruments are easily recorded, although it's most often used for vocal, guitar and percussion overdubs.


The most important thing for a mixing room is that it be as "true" sounding as possible. i.e. what you hear when mixing is what you hear when you take it away. The Konk SSL room is renowned for being an exceptionally true and honest room in which to mix records.


*Please note that our SSL room is currently booked out long term by mix engineer and producer Blue May. While limited, studio time may still be available so please still get in touch.

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Konk Studios, 84-86 Tottenham Lane, London, N8 7EE

Tel: 020 8340 7873

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