Konk Studio 1


The heart of Konk Studio One is its vintage Neve console. Built for another London recording studio, Utopia studios, in the early 70's, it was bought by the Kinks and installed at Konk in 1979. This beautiful desk has been imparting character and warmth to recordings at Konk ever since.


The wood panelled live room gives a rich and controlled sound to acoustic instruments. The recording area also features several separate isolation booths and an acoustically treated "Dead End" if tighter sounds are required. The 16 channel Aviom headphone mixers ensure that band members can hear exactly what they wish to hear. Upright and Grand Piano's are included as well as a Hammond C3 with Leslie cabinet and a recently restored Mellotron.


The vintage console, along with our Studer A820 24 track tape machine, Neumann and AKG valve microphones and classic 60's and 70's outboard such as Fairchild, Pye, Neve and Urei compressors, Pultec EQ's, and two EMT plate reverbs, can be combined with our Pro Tools Ultimate HDX Rig to provided an exceptional recording and mixing path. The desk is also great for mixes from rock'n'roll to country and western, it's 1095 EQ's imparting a spectacularly musical character.

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Konk Studios, 84-86 Tottenham Lane, London, N8 7EE

Tel: 020 8340 7873

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