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"Konk is one of the few great London recording studios still going. The Neve console sounds fantastic, there are loads of great microphones and the mix room is incredibly accurate. I always prefer studios with character and Konk has plenty of it plus a solid sound to back it up."


- Alan Moulder

(The Smashing Pumpkins, Yeay Yeah Yeahs, Foo Fighters)

"I’ve worked in the Neve room at Konk many times over the years. It is a complete rarity today to find a recording room that genuinely sounds great, its polished wood walls & floor make it perfect for drum sounds, & the layout with booths mean live band recording is very easy. Alongside a great mic collection & superb vintage Neve console, there are few if any equals in this country for capturing a band’s sound.”


- Jim Abbiss

(Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Adele)

"Konk is probably my favourite London recording studio. The Neve console in studio one has a wonderful, rich sound and the amount of vintage outboard available is unsurpassed. The wood panelled live room is one of the best drum recording rooms in the country and the control room not only sounds accurate but is large and unobtrusive, making it a comfortable place to spend even the longest days in!"


- Craig Silvey

(Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, The Horrors)

"Konk is a rare treasure. A 'band in the room' studio for musicians to face each other. A studio to send your favourite mics, through that lovely Neve, out of the Fairchild, onto tape. Chuck in the Leslie and the Mellotron and i’ve made some of my favourite music in that room, from string sessions to guitar overdubs. Oh and it’s in North London."


- Bernard Butler

(Suede, Duffy, The Libertines)

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